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Sandra Bartocha - Judging Nature Photography Competitions

April 11, 2022
Welcome to episode 260 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with your host Matt Payne.
This week I was joined by a German nature photographer, Sandra Bartocha. Sandra is the 1st Vice President of the German Society for Nature Photography, otherwise known as the GDT. She is a well-established nature photography judge, having judged several competitions, including our very own Natural Landscape Photography Awards. Sandra's photography has a unique look and feel that is difficult for me to describe to viewers, and as such, she has differentiated herself in our crowded field of nature photography - a topic we cover at great length in today's podcast.
On this week's episode we discuss:
  • Sandra's journey into nature photography and how she has been able to create unique and compelling work,
  • How getting involved in photography organizations can improve your work,
  • What Sandra looks for when she judges nature photography competitions,
  • Why people should or should not enter photography competitions,
  • How to think about entering a photography competition,
  • How we can differentiate ourselves as photographers,
  • Her new book project, Rhythm of Nature (it will be on this page soon).
  • And a lot more!
Links to topics discussed on this week's show:
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  • Gary Randall & Alyce Bender Caddo Lake Workshop.

Here is who Sandra recommended on the podcast this week:

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