F-Stop Collaborate and Listen

Michael Strickland - Large format film photography of the Great Plains

January 29, 2020
Welcome to Episode 145 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. 
This week's episode features a large and medium format film photographer from western Kansas, Michael Strickland
Michael transitioned from digital to film and hasn't looked back. He was featured in a really interesting Geekwire YouTube video showcasing why he made the switch, which really piqued my interest. 
Michael and I covered a wide variety of topics this week, including:
  • Photographing panoramas using film.
  • Photographing the Great Plains. 
  • Portraying mood and emotion through photography.
  • and a lot more...
Over on Patreon this week, Michael gives us some tips on how to get started in film photography. 
Head over to patreon.com/fstopandlisten for more info on how you can support the podcast and get bonus content at the same time.  
Before we get started, I wanted to remind listeners that my good friend Gary Randall still has some workshop openings for his 2020 Alaska photography workshops. You could not meet a nicer guy than Gary so I really think you'll love going with him to photograph bears on the Kenai Peninsula. Check it out by going to gary-randall.com