F-Stop Collaborate and Listen - A Landscape Photography Podcast

John Barclay - Discovering the Contemplative Style of Landscape Photography

June 10, 2020

Welcome to episode 164 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast.

This week's episode features a landscape photographer whom I have admired for a long time - John Barclay. John hails from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is a fantastic photographer, musician, and a great guy. John and I had a wonderful conversation this week and covered a wide variety of topics, including:

  • His beginnings in photography.
  • John's Contemplative Photography Retreats.
  • The "why" of landscape photography.
  • Your connection to your subject and how to choose how to capture it.
  • How bringing ourselves to our photography has an impact on the final product.
  • ... and much, much more

Over on Patreon this week, John and I talk about how he leverages his communication skills to be a better photographer, business person, and how it has aided in his success.

I hope you enjoy our conversations!

Here are the people that John Barclay recommended for the podcast:

1. Cole Thompson.

2. Mitch DoBrowner.

3. Betty Wiley.

Other items mentioned on the show:

1. NPN Free 60-Day Trial.

2. Photo Namer website.

3. ArcPanel Luminosity Masking Panel.

Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.

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