F-Stop Collaborate and Listen

Huibo Hou - Refining Our Vision for Consistency

November 17, 2021

Welcome to episode 239 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen!

This week on the podcast I was joined by Huibo Hou - a landscape photographer originally from China now living in San Diego.

Her photography has a very consistent look and feel to it which is something I think that a lot of photographers strive to achieve. She predominantly creates images in the black and white style that is quite stunning and her name consistently comes to mind when photographers are asked who currently inspires them.

On this week's episode we discuss:

  • How her multi-cultural background influences her work,
  • Her transition from documenting moments to expressing emotion,
  • Her journey into photography and diverging away from chasing perfect moments,
  • Hunters vs. gatherers in landscape photography,
  • The trouble with pre-conception in landscape photography,
  • Honing in on a consistent look in our images,
  • Cultural influences on our approaches to landscape photography,
  • And a lot more!

Here's who Huibo recommended for the podcast this week:

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