F-Stop Collaborate and Listen

Alister Benn - Expressive Landscape Photography

September 18, 2019

Welcome to Episode 126 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week's episode features one of my favorite photographers hailing from Scotland- Alister Benn

Alister has been teaching landscape photography since 2009. Alister has a refreshing approach and a questioning mind that has formed the foundation of his new photography company, Expressive Photography. Alister is pushing back against the same old teaching approaches used for decades.

Alister and I covered a lot of fun ground this week, including:

  • His journey as a landscape photographer.
  • His new company, Expressive Photography.
  • His upcoming partnerships with Alex Noriega, Hans Strand, Ryan Dyar, and Adam Gibbs (to name a few).
  • Established workshop teaching techniques and how they might inhibit creativity.
  • Homogenization in landscape photography.
  • Reconnecting with the landscape - Why are you there?
  • His YouTube Channel
  • ...lots more!


Please see the blog at www.mattpaynephotography.com for the full liner notes!