F-Stop Collaborate and Listen - A Landscape Photography Podcast

Scott McCook - Aerial Landscape Photography

December 26, 2018

Welcome to Episode 088 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Scott McCook!

Scott McCook is a landscape and aerial photographer living in Perth, Western Australia. I have been a huge fan of Scott's work for many years now; however, his recent aerial photography projects have been absolutely mind-blowing and incredible to follow. As such, I was elated when he agreed to come into the podcast to talk about his journey as an aerial photographer. We really dug deep into the topic of aerial photography and I think anyone even remotely interested in that topic will really like this episode. 

We covered some fun topics this week, including:

1. The landscape of Western Australia and why it lends itself to aerial photography.

2. How our imagery can get people to think deeper about the landscape.

3. The pros/cons of helicopters / planes / drones for aerial photography.

4. Mining and the environment - how aerials can show us these places and how we think about them.

5. Processing / workflow and how boundaries impacts that.

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