F-Stop Collaborate and Listen - A Landscape Photography Podcast

Chuck Kimmerle - Landscape Photography of the Plains & Prairies

October 31, 2018

Welcome to Episode 080 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Chuck Kimmerle!

Chuck Kimmerle is a black and white photographer originally based in the plains states of Wyoming and North Dakota who has recently relocated to New York City. Chuck is an award-winning, fine-art landscape photographer working exclusively in black and white. He is also a speaker, teacher, mentor, and educator. Chuck's interest in photography began with a wonderful little Canon Canonet QL17 while in the U.S. Army. It was that camera which taught him the power and potential of visual communication. A few years later, Chuck began his career as a photographer while working at his college newspaper. That job, which paid him $37.50 per academic quarter, led to a career of more than 15 years working as a newspaper photojournalist and a Pulitzer nomination for spot news photography. Seeing the writing on the wall with regards to the future of newspaper staff photographers, Chuck left that field and worked as a college photographer with duties ranging from passport head shots to magazine cover photos. Since 2010, he has worked full-time as a landscape photographer. Chuck was originally recommended on the podcast by Colleen Miniuk-Sperry over on episode 56.

We covered some great topics this week, including:

1. Photographing the plains and prairies.

2. His diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and how that has impacted his journey into photography.

3. Focusing on black and white photography and the subject of where nature meets man.

4. His planned hike of the Appalachian Trail. 

5. His background in journalism and how that has impacted his work as a landscape photographer. 

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Over on Patreon this week, Chuck and I talked about his experience teaching photography to college students and some of the tips, secrets, and awesome assignments he gave them to work on to better their art.

To learn more about Chuck and to see his photography, head over to the liner notes on my blog at www.mattpaynephotography.com