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Joshua Cripps - Part 1 - Imposter Syndrome in Landscape Photography

November 18, 2017

Part 1 of a 2 part series - episode 028 with California-based landscape photographer, Joshua Cripps. Josh and I had such a fun time on the podcast that it lasted almost two hours, so I decided to split the podcast into two episodes. Josh's sense of humor and story-telling skills are only surpassed by his fabulous landscape photography skills. Josh has quite a library of Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials over on his website and on YouTube that I personally have benefited from over the years. 

We covered some really great topics this week, including authenticity, imposter syndrome and the importance of perspective, the importance of networking and the Photo Plus Expo, Josh's amazing life-threatening story of being stranded in the mountains of New Zealand

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To learn more about Joshua:

His Website



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Some examples of his amazing photography can be seen below. 

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