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Mark Metternich - The Importance of Human Connection in Landscape Photography

August 3, 2017

Episode 015 with Florida-based landscape photographer, Mark Metternich. Mark is an incredibly accomplished photographer, known for his work in the Pacific Northwest and American Southwest. Mark has spent most of his time living mobile on the road. Mark's ​great ​passion for fine art landscape comes through in his work and has attracted a wide audience around the world​, has been widely published​ and has won various awards. Mark has spent as much as 300 days a year leading a unique brand of adventure photo tours across the western US and abroad. Mark also produces many post processing training videos, teaches post processing (via Skype online screen sharing) is a freelance contributor to a number of photography publications, does post processing / print work for a wide variety of fine art clients as well as does public speaking / teaching.

In our conversation we covered some really thought provoking topics, including the importance of human connection, his philosophy to leading workshops, and the craft of print making.

I think you'll enjoy this one. As usual, please find some links to various topics we covered below:

  1. The photography of Klaus Priebe
  2. Bruce Fraser - master of sharpening and color management
  3. The photography of Marc Adamus

Mark's work can be found on:


His website


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