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J Henry Fair - Winner of our Conservation Award

Welcome to Episode 151 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. 
This week's episode features the winner of our inaugural Landscape Photography Conservation Award, J Henry Fair. If you are not familiar with Henry's work, you are in for a real treat. His most recent project involved photographing the impacts of consumerism from an airplane, including impacts on the land from mining, oil and gas extraction, and more. The results of this work are encapsulated in his 200-page book, "Industrial Scars." Henry sent me a copy of his book and I was absolutely amazed by the beauty and horror portrayed in his images. It truly is a magnificent book. 
We covered a wide variety of topics, including:
  • Aerial photography techniques.
  • The environmental crisis.
  • The politicization of the environment.
  • Photography as a tool for social change. 
  • What photographers can do to make a difference in this world.
Henry is offering a discount on his book for patrons of the podcast, so if you are interested in purchasing it, head to Patreon to get the link to that discount. I'm always looking at ways to provide value to the people that financially support the podcast on Patreon, so I hope it helps! Thank you for your support.
Before we get started,  I wanted to let you know about a special opportunity to meet me at the upcoming Nightscaper Conference in Kanab, Utah from May 20 to May 22. If you listened to my recent episode with Royce Bair, you'll know that the conference is going to be amazing. Royce has assembled the world's best night photographers for an incredible experience that surely won't disappoint you. I'll also be doing some fun podcasting and panel discussions at the conference. If you're interested, check it out. Also, you can use the code "PAYNE100" for a $100 dollar discount on the conference. I hope to see you there!
And lastly, just be warned, Henry is opinionated. Enjoy.

Toby Harriman - Aerial Storytelling / Myanmar / Labels for Artists

Welcome to Episode 146 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. 

This week's episode features an incredible aerial and commercial photographer, Toby Harriman.

Toby and I covered a wide variety of topics this week, including:

  • How he went from graphic web design to photography.
  • Choosing a direction in photography.
  • The business of photography.
  • Mental health as it relates to being a full-time photographer.
  • Labels for types of artists.
  • Instagram's latest attempt at censorship for digital artists.
  • The ethics and considerations around photo staging.
  • His Myanmar project.
  • and a lot more...

Over on Patreon this week, Toby and I talk about the evolution of photography platforms and how they need to provide value.

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Here are the photographers Toby recommended for the podcast:

1. Jaron Schneider.

2. Matthew Lavin.

3. Paul Nicklin.

Other items mentioned on the show:

1. 60-day free trial to NPN.

2. Out of Moab Conference - use the code "PAYNE" for $250 off until Feb. 28.

3. Out of Acadia Conference - use the code "PAYNE" for $250 off until Feb. 28.

4. Arc Panel Luminosity Masks

Scott McCook - Aerial Landscape Photography

Welcome to Episode 088 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Scott McCook!

Scott McCook is a landscape and aerial photographer living in Perth, Western Australia. I have been a huge fan of Scott's work for many years now; however, his recent aerial photography projects have been absolutely mind-blowing and incredible to follow. As such, I was elated when he agreed to come into the podcast to talk about his journey as an aerial photographer. We really dug deep into the topic of aerial photography and I think anyone even remotely interested in that topic will really like this episode. 

We covered some fun topics this week, including:

1. The landscape of Western Australia and why it lends itself to aerial photography.

2. How our imagery can get people to think deeper about the landscape.

3. The pros/cons of helicopters / planes / drones for aerial photography.

4. Mining and the environment - how aerials can show us these places and how we think about them.

5. Processing / workflow and how boundaries impacts that.

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Hans Strand - Aerial Landscape Photography in Iceland

Welcome to Episode 074 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Hans Strand!

Hans Strand, born in 1955 in Marmaverken, Sweden. In 1990, after a nine-year career in mechanical engineering he decided to devote his life to landscape photography. Its a change he never regretted. Hans has always felt himself drawn to the untamed and unmanipulated emotions and expressions that he finds in nature. He often says: ”The wilderness is the mother of all living things. It is always true and never trivial.” Hans' work takes him to diverse places worldwide; from polar deserts to steaming rain-forests and expansive deserts. The internationally awarded landscape photography is seldom a portrait of a place, but an expression of forces that create and mold a landscape. His pictures, frozen in a static frame, still tell a story of movement, time and evolution. Lately his photography has also taken a course away from the untouched and wild nature and focused more on people´s influences on ecosystems. Photographs of water pollution and the visual magic of man-made agricultural landscapes have become an important ingredient in his in recent work.

We covered some great topics this week, including:

1. Aerial photography and the differences / similarities with land-based photography.

2. His amazing Iceland aerial photography book.

3. Landscape photography - impressing vs. story-telling.

4. The state of landscape photography.

5. Intimate landscape photography vs. grand scenic.

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Over on Patreon this week, Hans and I discussed his current photography's focus on man's influence on ecosystems.

To learn more about Hans and see his photography, check out the liner notes over on my blog at www.mattpaynephotography.com

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