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David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick - Workshop Etiquette in Landscape Photography

Episode 011 with one of my favorite photographers of all time, David Kingham, and his business and life partner, Jennifer Renwick. David and Jennifer are travelling landscape photographers living out of an RV. For David, photography and travel are his life passions, his business, Exploring Exposure, was born out of a need to share his passion with others. David and Jennifer live as nomads, on the road 365 days a year. We discussed some awesome topics on the podcast, including workshop etiquette and ethics, living in an RV, and various post-processing techniques.

David Thompson - Keeping Locations to Ourselves in Landscape Photography

Episode 010 with the amazingly talented landscape photographer David Thompson! David Thompson hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and offered up a truly humble and enjoyable conversation. We covered some really fun topics, including social media and its impact on the craft of photography, shooting locations and why we should keep them a secret, post-processing techniques, and some of David's inspirations for his work. 

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