013 - Dusty Doddridge


Episode 013 with Tennessee-based landscape photographer, Dusty Doddridge. Dusty reached out to me to be on the podcast with some great topics and ideas so I checked out his work, became super impressed, and decided he sounded like a super interesting guy to interview - so we scheduled it! Dusty is a super awesome guy - we had a fantastic conversation and covered some new territory on the podcast, including a concept known as "meta learning," practicing photography as an art form, his trip to Iceland, his approach to landscape photography, and some hilarious stories from the field. I think you'll enjoy this one. As usual, please find some links to books and other topics we covered below:

  1. Tim Ferriss' books regarding meta learning
  2. Anders Ericsson's book - "Peak"
  3. Angela Duckworth's book - "Grit"
  4. The photography of Daniel Bergmann
  5. The photography of Hans Strand
  6. The photography of Bruce Percy

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